Телеканал РБК (translated: RBC/RBK) is the largest Russian business media holding, represented on all key content platforms – on the Internet, television and the press. It serves news and analytics for those who want to be informed and make decisions. Launched in Sep 2003, the channel is the leader among news and business media and holds regular business events – industry conferences, business regattas and awards.

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Телеканал РБК is Russia’s leading multimedia holding. The company operates in the Internet, television and press segments. Also known as RBK, another major area of ​​the service activity is domain registration and hosting, which opens up broad opportunities for clients to conduct business on the Internet. RBC’s mission for more than 20 years of its existence has remained unchanged: Truly striving to provide the audience with relevant business information and services, as well as convenient platforms for sharing experience and knowledge, thereby helping to make career and business decisions. RBC is all about economics and politics for all kinds of people

Slogan: Помогаем принимать решения (We Help to Make Decisions)

With Us Make Millions

RBK/RBC ensures the implementation of the entire spectrum of work on the organization of the event, followed by informational support on RBC resources.

Телеканал РБК is the first to respond to the most important events of the business environment collecting key representatives of government, business and the expert community to discuss them and develop roadmaps. The service provides maximum coverage of events through the leading business information platforms: RBC TV channel, business daily, www.rbc.ru portal, RBC magazine and specialized holding resources.

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Телеканал РБК: Some Facts

7 Days a Week Business News Availability
Телеканал РБК broadcasts issues of Russian and foreign news of the economy, business and politics every half-hour.

Analytical programs

On the most current topics with attendance by leading representatives of business and government.

Entertainment programs

Much attention is paid to entertainment programs on the weekend: about sports, cars, tourism and lifestyle, about what today we call business entertainment.

Core audience

Representatives of the business community who successfully use their financial capabilities.

8%: Managers and business owners.

60%: They are wealthy and wealthy people.

Телеканал РБК offers 3000 hours of live broadcasts yearly and hosts around 3500 guests during the same period. It is available in more than 43 countries and is constantly expanding its reach. 102,000,000m people receive the coverage in Russia, Georgia, Baltic countries, CIS and other regions of Europe. The monthly audience of the service is no less than 17,000,000. It is available in over 1500 hotels in Russia, across Europe and world. (Ref: Mediascope Data Index)


РБК Телепрограмма/Programs



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Гайдаровский форум – 2019

Герои РБК

Главные новости

Деловой день

Премия РБК

РБК+ / Автоньюс

РБК+ / Бизнес-ланч

РБК+ / Бизнес-манифест

РБК+ / Бизнес-новость

РБК+ / Всё включено

РБК+ / Дневник форума

РБК+ / Дресс-код

РБК+ / Здравый курс

РБК+ / Интервью

РБК+ / Недвижимость

РБК+ / От бренда к тренду

РБК+ / ПМЭФ 2018

РБК+ / ПМЭФ 2019

РБК+ / Петербург

РБК+ / Проект “Дальневосточный гектар”

РБК+ / Профиль

РБК+ / Событие

РБК+ / Сфера интересов

РБК+ / Территория бизнеса

РБК+ / Территория развития

РБК+ / Территория развития. Дальний Восток

РБК+ / Тест-драйв

РБК+ / Технологии

РБК+ / Топ-гаджет

РБК+ / Фармацевтика

РБК+ / Финансы

РБК+ / Цена вопроса

РБК+ / Эксплейнер

РБК+ / Энергетика 2018

РБК+ / Энергетика 2019

РИФ 2019


Сделано в России

Специальный репортаж


Спорт. Ставки. События



Эксклюзивное интервью



Official Website www.tv.rbc.ru


РБК Конференции/RBC Conference

RBC Conference is dedicated to organize, conduct and cover business events in Russian and Europe. It helps to organize events for partners and also organizes its own. For each event, РБК selects the appropriate format and find the target audience. In order to attract new customers and promote the brand, the company conducts an advertising campaign in different directions.

РБК use the 360 ​​° multimedia conference format – Covering the partner’s event using all the information resources of the holding: Телеканал РБК, RBC daily business newspaper, www.rbc.ru portal and RBC magazine. Reaching an audience is large and effective campaign. Since 2013, РБК Конференции are held in the new multimedia format 360, integrating all information resources of the holding Телеканал РБК, РБК daily business newspaper, РБК magazine, РБК own press center, main news business portal www .rbc.ru – and thus creating an unprecedented in terms of coverage, affinity and breadth of coverage of the campaign.

РБК Конференции @RBC.Conference holds conferences in four main formats:

Global debate on major issues of market regulation

B2B and professional conferences

Customer events

Press conferences of companies and persons


General information

The Team:

For strategic partnership issues – Irina Mitrofanova,

8 (903) 7954390, mitrofanova@rbc.ru

For delegate participation – Inna Galler, 8 (964) 7723484, igaller@rbc.ru

For informational cooperation and organization of press conferences – Nonna Suchkova, nsuchkova@rbc.ru

Concerning the organization of events:

Daria Ivannikova, 8 (903) 1212311, d.ivannikova@rbc.ru

Larisa Kagramanyan, lkagramanyan@rbc.ru

Ksenia Zhdanovich, 8 (926) 3577087, kjdanovich@rbc.ru

Angelina Hudadyan, akhudadyan@rbc.ru

Products: TV channel, website, newspaper, magazine, press center.


Контактная информация Москва

Address; 117393, Москва, улица Профсоюзная, дом 78. Здание НИИАА им. Семенихина. Схема проезда

Рекламная служба РБК

Call: +7 495 363-11-11


РБК Конференции Контактная информация


Address: Москва, ул. Профсоюзная 78, стр.1

Moscow, Russia

Telephone: +7 495 363-03-14

+7 495 363 11 11

Email: bc@rbc.ru



RBC Holdings Official Website:www.rbcholding.com


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