Al Ekhbariya (الإخبارية) launched in Jan 2004 is an Arabic language news station based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The service was established as a part of the effort present the Saudi perspective and reform the image of the Oil rich state abroad. Mohammad Barayan talking to Reuters said: “We want to tell the world about our country, to give a new image.” It was maiden news agency in the Saudi Kingdom to staff female presenters in their news-casting teams. Buthaina al-Nasr made the history in the kingdom by presenting the first bulletin; she is working with the station to the date. Al Saudiya, Saudi 2, Al Eqtisadiyah, Al Riyadiyah, Al Quran Al Karim, Al Sunnah Al Nabawiyah, Al Thakafiyah and Ajyal are the sister stations of the channel.

Watch Al Ekhbariya (الإخبارية) News Stream Live Online

Watch Al Ekhbariya news streaming live from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – بث مباشر بواسطة القناة السعودية الإخبارية – Wait for the stream to load.

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Ekhbariya (القناة الإخبارية السعودية) is known for having a sharp pro-Saudi bias and is considered by many as a mouth-piece of the Saudi regime. It broadcasts latest news and breaking stories from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Egypt, Qatar, Iraq, Lebanon, Iran and other countries of Middle East and North Africa. As a state-owned-entity the channel is under the direct control of the Ministry of Culture and Information. Bader 4 Satellite on 26.0° East carries the station in the gulf region. A well designed web-portal of the service is the alternate source of the top news stories, talk shows, religious, business and economic programming. The multi-language site is known for attracting the Persian and English-speaking visitors in and outside the Kingdom run by MBS. The reformist regime is determined to build a positive image of the country and communicate to bridge the gap with international community through Ekhbariya. You can follow the station on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Here is the website:


طبعة المشاهد
لقاء الأسبوع
العالم بعيون سعودية
المشهد اليمني
ستديو الإخبارية
أموال ومسارات



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