Canal 5 Noticias, better known as C5N, is an open-air television channel in Argentina. It was founded in 2007, by businessman and journalist Daniel Hadad and was operated through its business conglomerate Grupo Infobae. It is, along with TN, one of the two most watched news channels of Argentine television and its main competitor.

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In April 2012, the channel was acquired by the Indalo Media Group, and was operated by the same company, along with other media of the same group such as Radio 10,, Ámbito Financiero among others. The purchase of the channel along with the other media, was made by the businessman and then president of the holding company, Cristóbal López. In 2016, as part of a restructuring and division of assets, the group’s multimedia sector went under businessman Fabían de Sousa (then Shareholder and vice president of Cristóbal López in the holding). The station is currently located in the Chacarita neighborhood in the City of Buenos Aires, where in 2017 it was moved along with the other media assets of the group, and where until recently the Showmatch production company was operating. It has state-of-the-art equipment, modern studios with the highest technology, giant LED screens, as well as an integrated writing and editing studio and a drone. It also has mobiles to transmit live from the ground, a helicopter from the air and a yacht to transmit from the water.



Canal 5 Noticias one of the recently launched news service in Argentina, began its broadcasts on August 6, 2007 around 7 am, with an institutional that gave C5N aired with the Mañanas Argentinas program, with Claudio Rígoli and Claudia Cherasco, having five mobiles and a helicopter of its own, in addition to own cameras to show the City of Buenos Aires.

Since its inception, it has undergone a continuous renewal of its image, both in the graphics and the logo of the channel. After the Argentine legislative elections of 2009, the channel completely renewed its facilities. Canal 5 Noticias was once again overhauled on July 10, 2017.

Although initially C5N was not recognized by its first efforts as its journalists first covered a number of ground-breaking events but during the earthquake in Chile on February 27, 2010, journalist Marcos Stupenengo was the first to transmit from the disaster area a few minutes after the earthquake occurred in that country. Other outstanding coverage was the death of singer Sandro, the funeral of Mercedes Sosa, the rescue of the 33 Chilean miners and the presidential elections.

On Friday, June 18, 2010, the helicopter of the canal crashed in the town of Villa Martelli in Greater Buenos Aires causing the death of its pilot and a cameraman. On January 9, 2011, one of her drivers, Nínawa Daher, died. The journalist worked on the channel from the beginning of it and then conducted the summary at midnight. Nínawa, with only 31 years old, was the victim of a traffic accident in the Retiro neighborhood in the City of Buenos Aires while on vacation.

On April 26, 2012 Daniel Hadad, owner of C5N, radios 10 , Mega , Pop , Vale and One, sold the respective licenses to the Indalo group, then led by businessman Cristóbal López. This maintained in the media a line of support for Kirchnerism. But, facing Mauricio Macri’s assumption, he planned a more neutral image, to finally focus on an opposing image. As of November 10, 2015, the channel has changed its aspect ratio to 16: 9 and is broadcasting all its programming in panoramic format.

In March 2016, Cristóbal López, then president and majority holder of the shares of the Indalo Group holding company, decides with his vice president Fabián De Sousa, a restructuring of the group, realizing a division of goods between them. This division was not specified, since in April 2016 a precautionary measure of justice prohibited the separation of these companies and the transfer of them, until the debt that Cristóbal López maintains with the AFIP is regularized.

In July 2017, after the expiration of the rental contract for the buildings in the Palermo neighborhood, where Canal 5 Noticias first sit, the company finally decided to move it assets and resource that was employed at the Chacarita neighborhood to the Ideas del Sur building on the street Olleros, where it completely renewed and modernized its studies, as well as began to transmit in Full HD resolution also renewing its aesthetic image and graphs.

You can watch C5N online while also following its latest updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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Ernesto “Tito” Monteiro

Roberto Funes Ugarte

Guido Zaffor

Roberto Navarro

Hernán Lirio

Rubén Suarez

Mariela Fernández

Claudio Rigoli

Mercedes Mendoza

Abigail Lasalle

Agustina Scioli

Gustavo Sylvestre

Nicolás Gutierrez Magaldi

Jimena Grandinetti

María Belén Aramburu

Javier Díaz

Diego Fernández

Diego Moranzoni

Melina Fleiderman

Pablo Duggan

Valeria Davicce

Guillermo Favalle

Mauro Szeta

Marcela Coronel

Ronen Szwarc

Daniela Ballester

Adrián Noriega

Paulo Kablan

Federico Levy

Diego Ángeli

Florencia Ventura

Alejandra Maglietti

Eduardo Feinmann

Ángel Pedro “Baby” Etchecopar



Address: Olleros 3551

Buenos Aires, Argentina 1427




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