France 24 established on Dec 6, 2006 is a state-sponsored French news and current affairs service operating from Paris, France. The multi-language service is available in English French, Spanish and Arabic. The English broadcast service in its operations is akin to BBC World News, DW English, RT English and others as its aims at the foreign audiences attracted by it. Liberté, Égalité, Actualité is the slogan of France 24 for the French service while International News 24/7 is the catchphrase employed by English service. Available via satellite and cable services, the station since 2010 is also accessed through Android and iPhone applications. France Médias Monde, a subsidiary of French government since 2008 holds 100% stake in the channel as it acquired the minority share of its previous partners: France Télévisions and Groupe TF1. €100 is the annual budget of France 24.

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France 24 hosts programming in Spanish, English, Arabic and French and is a mix of news coverage, current affairs programs, special reports, features and more. Besides its strong staff of 260 journalists, the service also shares the resources of Groupe TF1 and France Télévisions as well as of RFI and AFP which are the partners of the channel. Alain de Pouzilhac is the current CEO of France 24. Business sport, cultural programs, in-depth analysis and debate programs are prioritized in the new schedule introduced by the service as its gives specially focuses morning and evening slots in the lineups. It as of 2016 is sourcing France Info with the night programming.



On Nov 30, 2005 the formal launch of the channel was announced to Ministry of Culture and Communication: “The project of the International French News Channel (abbreviated in French to CFII) […] will allow us to propose our own country’s vision of world events and to reinforce its presence in the world.” It was further revealed that CFII would broadcast in mainland France contrary to the want of TF1 which was seeking for digital terrestrial platform for LCI. To pacify TF1, CFII was assigned satellite and cable platforms.

Le Monde on April 22, 2006, stated that the managers of the upcoming service found its initial branding difficult to pronounce. It was thus rebranded as France 24 on June 30, 2006. France 24 hit the waves on Dec 6, 2006 through webcast and was placed on satellite systems the next day. Upon its launch, the channel would cover rest of Europe, Africa, Middle East and US. It dedicated to channels one in French and the other in English to specifically broadcast in New York State and District of Columbia. It in April 2007 extended reach to Arabic speaking audiences in Middle East and North Africa.

The minority stake owned by Groupe TF1 in the France 24 was acquired by Société de l’audiovisuel extérieur de la France (AEF) in 2008. RFI and France 24 were officially merged on Feb 13, 2012; the unification of the operations resulted in a lot of staff being laid off from no less than 102 posts. It on Oct 3, 2014 launched its YouTube live streaming channel. On Sep 25, 2017, the Spanish version of the service was introduced. France 24 parted ways with Spectrum Cable TV on Jan 9, 2018.

You can watch the channel online for latest news from France, Europe, Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and the World. Sports and cultural programming, business and tech news and all the shows hosted by the service are available on the official site. France 24 can also be found on social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Here is the website:



  • Beyond Business
  • The Business Interview – hosted by Raphael Kahane
  • Business Matters – hosted by Stéphane Marchand, Pierre Briançon
  • Culture – hosted by Genie Godula
  • Culture Critique – hosted by Augustin Trapenard on literature, Amobe Mevegue on music, Sean Rose on exhibitions, Lisa Nesselson on cinema and Stephen Clarke
  • The Debate – hosted by François Picard
  • Environment – hosted by Eve Irvine
  • Europe District – Christophe Robeet
  • Fashion
  • Focus
  • France Bon Appétit
  • Health – hosted by Eve Irvine
  • In the Papers – hosted by James Creedon
  • In the Weeklies
  • The Interview
  • Lifestyle
  • Media Watch
  • The Observers – hosted by Derek Thomson
  • Planet Hope – hosted by Louise Hannah
  • Politics
  • Reporters – hosted by Mark Owen
  • Talking Europe
  • Talking Points
  • Tech 24 – hosted by Rebecca Bowring
  • This Week in Africa – hosted by Genie Godula
  • This Week in Asia – hosted by Claire Pryde
  • This Week in Europe – hosted by Rebecca Bowring
  • This Week in France – hosted by Nadia Charbit
  • This Week in the Americas – hosted by Annette Young
  • This Week in the Maghreb – hosted by Georja Calvin Smith
  • This Week in the Middle East – hosted by Lanah Kammourieh
  • Top Story
  • Vice Versa
  • Web News
  • The World This Week



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