Hum News is an Islamabad based Pakistani news channel with a strong presence in digital sphere. The 24×7 Urdu language news service that premiered on May 11, 2018 is owned by Momina Duraid through Hum Network Limited, a producer and director by profession who created several notable dramas series for Hum TV, the entertainment arm of Hum Network Limited. Muhammad Malick, a well-known name in country’s news media scene has most recently joined the newly launched station. Malick besides hosting his shows Breaking is also heads the upstart digital news service. Independent. Investigative. Inspirational is the slogan of the channel in English while آگے کی سوچ is the catchphrase in Urdu.

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Watch Hum News Live streaming for the top news stories from Pakistan. Wait as the live stream runs in the player.

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Daily news, weather and sports updates, business and health-related information, educational and entertainment programs, tech feeds, videos and other popular stuff is available online with headline news. Connect with Hum using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Here is the website of Hum Network Ltd news station:


  • ViewsMakers
  • Agenda Pakistan
  • Bari Baat
  • Game Plan
  • Main Nahi Hum
  • Nadeem Malik Live
  • Newsline
  • Pakistan Tonight
  • Subh Say Agay
  • Breaking Point with Malick
  • Pakistan Tonight
  • Cover Page
  • Subhay Se Aaghay
  • HUM Investigates


  • Muhammad Malick
  •     Adil Shahzeb
  •     Nadeem Malik
  •     Sammer Abbas
  •     Taha Siddique
  •     Fazeela Sahiba
  •     Muniba Mazari
  •     Maria Zulfiqar
  •     Amber Shamsi
  •     Shiffa Yousafzai
  •     Lubna Abbas



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