Indus News is Pakistan’s first global English news service owned and operated by AAP Media Network and is available on Paksat. Headquartered in Lahore, the channel signed on air on in Nov 15, 2018 under the leadership of Aftab Iqbal, a media entrepreneur who also happens to be the CEO of the station. Sarmad Salik is MD of Indus. Indus Saga Unfolds is the tagline of the service. Joseph Hayat previously associated with TRT World and RT and Waqar Rizvi, a former Press TV employee presented the first news bulletin for the newly launched service after some test transmissions in mid-October.

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The channel, first of its kind in Pakistan’s media scene, looks impressive by the start it has taken. Good Current and Public affairs shows, conversation shows, investigative journalism, documentaries are creating a good package for the viewers. Indus looks impressive by its general outlook at under one year old. Apart from local offices, it operates international bureaus in multiple countries and has a staff of overseas correspondents. The aim of the upstart network is to present and analyze the regional and global developments and currents with a Pakistani perspective. The generalization of the news of the region (South Asia) by international media needs an alternative that covers the complexities and rarities often missed.


  • Indus Special
  • Indus Nights
  • Lahore with Kirsten
  • News Wire
  • Scope Bites
  • Coffee Table
  • Drop


  • Ejaz Haider
  • Meshal Malik
  • Kirsten Seymour
  • Ayza Omar
  • Waqar Rizvi
  • Faisal Sherjan
  • Mehr Tarar

Regional, national and international news, exclusive insights and coverage of the global events, weather and sports updates, business and entertainment feeds and stuff from around the world and web can be watched online. Here is the official web-portal:




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