Metro TV launched in November 25, 2000 is a subsidiary of MEDIA GROUP owned by Surya Paloh, a prominent Indonesian press leader which has pioneered the press business since the establishment of the PRIORITAS Daily.

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Metro TV aims to disseminate news and information to all parts of Indonesia. In addition to news stories, Metro TV also features a variety of information programs on advancement of technology, health, general knowledge, art and culture, and others to educate the nation. Unique, Metro TV has news programs aired in 3 languages, namely Indonesian, English, and Mandarin. Metro TV is also collaborating with various foreign television channels, which is cooperation in news exchange, labor development and more. In line with this international scale, Metro TV strives to provide reliable and comprehensive news sources about domestic conditions to the outside world. With the slogan “Knowledge to Elevate”, Metro TV continues to strive to enhance the audience’s insights and knowledge as well as media that have credibility, speed and accuracy in delivering information.

Metro TV at present is running 53+ transmission stations across Indonesia.  The Media Group also owns a number of newspapers distributed across the country. Metro is the only service to air news in Mandarin while featuring no sinetron (soap opera). However, in the recent past the station has adapted to a more diverse approach with the introduction of some entertainment and multicultural programs. Musik + and Indenesia and the musical programs. The channel also showcases current affairs program Republik Mimpi, satirical news, special and regional programming. Indonesia Now, Talk Indonesia and World News are the English language programs while notable content in Mandarin include Metro Xin Wen, documentary, tech and culinary programming. Mario Teguh Golden Ways is a motivational program offered by the service while Bisnis Hari Ini: Business Today and Economic Challenges are the programs aimed at business community in the Indonesia.

Until the launch of tvOne (formerly Lativi) in 2008, Metro TV was the only news channel in Indonesia. Viewers can have the service online with Headline news, Metro Pagi prime Time, Selamat Pagi Indonesia, Metro Xinwen, Metro Siang, Metro Hari Ini, latest videos and more. Connect with the channel on Facebook and Twitter.




Sirah Nabawiyah

Headline News

Metro Pagi Prime Time

Selamat Pagi Indonesia

Editorial MI Video

Metro Xinwen

Metro Siang


Metro Hari Ini

Primetime News

Election Talk

Prime Talk

Election Update

Metro TV Newsroom

Top News

Q & A


Metro Malam


Kick Andy

President’s Corner

Cerdas 5 Menit

Economic Challenges


Breaking News


The Nation


Melawan Lupa

I’m Possible

Metro Realitas

Catatan Demokrasi

Eagle Institute Indonesia

Do It


Esport Zone


Dokumentasi Haji

World News

Partai Bicara



Metro News

Special Event

Metro Highlight

Video Advertorial

Target Operasi


Metro Plus

Metro I-Care

Metro Bisnis

Khazanah Islam



Ade Mulya

Ajeng Kamaratih

Andini Effendi

Anie Rahmi

Aviani Malik

Boy Noya

Dade Salampessy

Eva Wondo

Fifi Aleyda Yahya

Fitri Megantara

Hamdan Alkafie

Iqbal Himawan

Jason Sambouw

Kania Sutisnawinata

Kevin Egan

Leonard Samosir

Marializia Hasni

Marvin Sulistio

Naila Husna

Najla Hilabi

Robert Harianto

Rory Asyari

Sara Wayne

Sumi Yang

Syaza Wisastro

Valentinus Resa

Vera Bahasuan

Wahyu Wiwoho

Widya Saputra

Yohana Margaretha

Zackia Arfan

Zilvia Iskandar



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Tel: +6221 5830 0077

Fax: +6221 5830 0066



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