Neo News HD is a Pakistani Television news channel which broadcasts news in Urdu language. The brand name “Neo News” is derived from the urdu word [Pakistaneo] (Urdu: پاکستانیوں ,. “Pakistanis”).The News channel owned by Prof. Dr. Ch. Abdul Rehman, was launched in the year 2015. Lahore based channel, adheres to highest standards of unbiased and impartial news reporting on national and international issues.

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The slogan of Neo News Live “Pakistaneo ki Awaz” is evidence to its commitment of empowering general public of Pakistan by providing them with the latest, most authentic news and keeping them informed. Neo News not only provides the audience with the latest news but also tries to give them accurate information without any biases.

Neo’s sibling station Lahore Rang spreading real colours of Lahore, broadcasts inner news of Lahore city. Neo channel is dedicated to put up novel horizons in news media field all the way through constantly improving its content and following higher standards and principles of news media codes.

Neo is recognized for its impartial and authentic news coverage and straightforward reviews on the ongoing political situations as well as on a variety of public issues. The channel has gained a huge viewership due to the class of its content and constant up to date broadcasting of all essential new.

Neo News channel has fastest growing viewership in Pakistan, India, South Asia, Middle East, America, UAE, UK and Ireland due to its genuine information and professional reviews on various social, cultural religious, political, financial and monetary issues.

The News channel aims to maintain Newness, Uniqueness, and freshness as a core of its editorial strategy.

Current Programs:

  • Sawa Teen (Comedy Host Series)
  • Neo Pakistan (Morning Show)
  • @Q with Ahmed Qureshi
  • Halwa Puri
  • Jamhoor
  • Idea Croron ka (A business Reality show modeled after Dragons’ Den)
  • Pukaar
  • Harf E Raz (Talk Show)
  • Dastak
  • Live With Nasrullah Malik
  • Newstalk With Asma Choudhry

The viewers can watch National and international news updates, talk shows related to current issues, sports news, missed episodes of their favourite programs, and entertainment feeds online. Join Neo News using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. The official website is



: carrers@neonetwork

Fax:  042-38106501



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