tagesschau24 (Formerly EinsExtra until 2012) is a German digital news TV service owned by ARD: Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. The focus of Tagesschau24 is on the broadcasting of information and news programs, reports, documentaries and radio broadcasts. tagesschau24’s studios are located within the Norddeutscher Rundfunk facilities in ARD-aktuell – the central newsroom employed since 1977 for ARD Public broadcasting stations.

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Tagesschau24 is the within the family of ARD and is in competition with the private news channels Welt and n-tv. The news produced by ARD-aktuell in Hamburg is broadcasted Monday to Friday at 9 and 10 o’clock for 30 minutes and continuously from 11 to 19:15 o’clock, interrupted by the midday magazine between 1 and 2 o’clock, on weekends and public holidays from 9 to 14 o’clock in each case 15 minutes and from 15 to 19 o’clock in each case 30 minutes. The news is divided into message blocks and supplementary information and background reports on individual topics. Hourly daytime broadcasts also include business and sports news. News in 100 seconds and at certain times there are also news from areas such as culture and science.

ARD’s asset launched on Aug 30, 1997 as EinsExtra was intended to be a news and information service broadcasting from Hamburg. Until 2006, the station consisted largely of magazine reruns, talk shows and documentaries from the first and third television programs. From 2006 to 2009, the station was gradually rebuilt into a news station into a modern live news facility and “EinsExtra aktuell was introduced. In addition, it in August 2010, was broadcasting on weekends and public holidays from 12:00 to 18:00. Since May 1, 2012 EinsExtra News is tagesschau24 and will continue to air on the same slot. On December 5, 2013, an HD simulcast of the channel was launched via satellite. In May 2014, the word “Tagesschau” and the ARD trademark behind it were deleted in the Corner logo. In the HD version, “HD” is below the 24 in a semicircle.




tagesschau24 hosts daily the news program Tagesschau-Nachrichten. The Tagesschau news (until April 30, 2012: EinsExtra News) is broadcasted from ARD newsroom. It airs from Mondays to Fridays between 9:00 and 19:15 and on weekends between 9:00 and 19:30 on tagesschau24. In addition, it is transmitted as a live stream on tagesschau.de.


As a rule, on a weekly basis there is the talk show Talk show hosted by Ulrich Timm at tagesschau24.


tagesschau24 does not produce its own programs, but uses the repertoire of The First and Third Programs. In addition to the hourly Tagesschau, the Tagesthemen and the Nachtmagazin are also repeated, and the Morgenmagazin and the Mittagmagazin are taken over. Apart from news, documentations, discussions and reports are also included in the lineups. These magazine shows fit into five fixed categories which include Politik im Gespräch (Politics in conversation), Themen der Woche (Topics of the week), Wirtschaft & Börse (Economy & Stock Market), Deutschland & Europa (Germany & Europe) and Umwelt & Wissenschaft (Environment & Science).

At night, various regional news programs are repeated in a block, including the Abendschau from the rbb, the current hour from WDR, buten un within Radio Bremen, the current report from the Saarland Radio, the Landesschau Baden-Württemberg and the Landesschau Rhineland-Palatinate of Südwestrundfunk. In the times not filled in by Tagesschau-Nachrichten or the Morgenmagazin or the 20 o’clock edition of the Tagesschau, magazine programs on Politics and economy are repeated. For important sessions, meetings of the Bundestag are broadcasted live.


tagesschau24 is distributed on ARD Digital via DVB-S, nationwide via DVB-C and in many parts of Germany using DVB-T2 HD. In addition, Tagesschau24 will be broadcast on IPTV, via the Telekom Entertain, Zattoo and TV.de offerings. There is also a live stream on tagesschau.de, which is temporarily interrupted by the first broadcasts.



Jan Hofer

Gerrit Derkowski

Tarek Youzbachi

Kirsten Gerhard

Michail Paweletz

Karolin Kandler

Tim Berendonk

Thorsten Schröder

André Schünke

Jessica Ostermünchner

Jessica Ostermünchner

Janin Ullmann

Domenica Berger

Tim Berendonk

Julia Büchler

Sandra Maahn

Okka Gundel

Anne Strauch

Inka Blumensaat

Bianca Zawadiak

Christian Jeckat

Kathrin Drehkopf

Klaus-Rainer Jackisch

Ellen Frauenknecht

Samir Ibrahim

Thomas Ranft

Dieter Voss

Wolfgang Rossi

Laura Di Salvo

Tim Frühling

Julie Tzschätzsch


Kristina zur Mühlen, Ina Böttcher, Katrin Prüfig, Kerstin Petry, Charlotte Maihoff, Linda Zervakis, Isabelle Delling, Martje Freese and Simone von Stosch are among the notable personalities formerly attached with the Tagesschau24.

Watch live streaming of the channel online on the official site and can also find more about the state-owned broadcasting service on official Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram pages.

Official Website: www.tagesschau.de



Tel: 0331 585 696 06

Email: zuschauerpost@tagesschau.de



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